October 16, 2017


Dear all

One of my friend in the same trade highlighted that someone has been misusing my authentic JNEC 2 & 3 certificate to sell replicates certificates.

I was appalled by such actions and have informed the seller to take down the post however it seemed that the seller have disregard my comments.

I have previously posted about this issue in my Facebook Page & Instagram. Hereby stating that these fake certificates have nothing to do with me or my nail salon ‘Amelie’s Nail Journey’.


朋友在淘宝上看到有人利用我的JNEC 2 & 3级证书照片和认证编号放在淘宝上售卖假证书。



所以在此澄清,此卖家所售卖的证书与我或我的美甲店 ‘Amelie’s Nail Journey’ 无关。


The seller are selling the fake certificate in the following website:


The following pictures are taken from the seller website.

  • Circled in Red, seller used my JNEC 2級 certificate photo. 
  • 红色圈起的,是卖家盗用我的JNEC 2级的照片。

  • Circled in Red, seller used my JNEC 3 serial number.
  • 红色圈起的,是卖家盗用我的JNEC 3级合格认定番号.

To proved that the China Seller used my certificate. The following link are my Nail Salon Website :



January 1, 2017

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